Thursday, March 13, 2008

We weren't fucking when you thought i was str8, we aren't fucking now // What's the problem??

Okay, so why is it that when same-sex friends find out that you're gay, they (usually) automatically assume that you want them? EVEN THE UGLY ONES! (hell, usually the ugly ones) lol. My cute str8 friends find out that i'm gay and its cool, my ugly str8 friends find out I'm gay and they INSTANTLY think i've been checking their ugly asses out. Is it that they are so ugly that no female would want them, so they imagine I want them to make theirselves feel (almost) pretty? lol
Okay, was that mean? I don't know, don't really care...

Anywaysz, So I'm a masculine guy and I can easily pass for straight if I wanted to, as a matter of fact, most of my friends THINK I'm straight. So, i was talking to my "straight" friends the other day, and asked them if their best friends in the whole world told them they were gay, how would they react. The cute ones for the most part said that it wouldn't matter to them because its still the same person. My ugly friend however, said that He would never talk to the guy again because he would feel like he was checking Him out. (LMFAO!!!) I really laffed wen he said that, the guy looks like a fuckin beast lol.
(Okay, now I KNOW that was mean) lol

So anyway, my point is, to my straight readers, If your gay friends come out to you, unless they actually tell you that they've been checking you out, please don't ASSume, it makes an ASS out of yourself.

My general point is, "We were'nt fucking when you thought I was straight, and we aren't fucking now"

I'm just sayin....

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Marry Me Baby, I Love You... guess Love is not enough anymore :-/

(i cursed ALOT in this post. But please just read and understand the message I'm trying to give)

I have Never understood why in America, tha land of tha free, People can't marry who they want.

Now its plenty straight couples thats married that don't even love each other, so why is gay people that Do love eachother barred from marriage?

I'm so tired of hearin that bullshit ass excuse "If we allow gay marriage, whats next?" .... (-_-) seriously? Bitch, Love is next, since when has love been socially damaging? I hate that shit when they be sayin, "We might as well allow beastiality" What tha fuck does two humans fuckin got to do wit animal fuckin? I'm just sayin, shit don't make sense to me.

Carry Underwood said it best // "When You Figure Out Love Is All That Matters After All, It Sure Makes Everything Else Seem So Small" So a message to all my homos in love, Don't worry about what tha country say, what fake ass people say, what tha government say. If you love yo mate, then thats ALL that matters, Fuck EVERYBODY else and i don't apologize for my language.

And another thing that i JUST learned in school, in the American Constitution, the FIRST Amendment says that America cannot make LAWS based on RELIGION. The main argument that straight governments use is that its against tha bible, so in other words, its actually ILLEGAL to keep gay people from marrying, according to the Constitution.

I'm just sayin...

Intro To The Gay View

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